Girl diagnosed with rare bone condition which left her needing 'new head’

July 10, 2019  16:53

Ava Carlin was born with a rare disease - craniosynostosis, Daily Mail reported

Craniosynostosis is an early closure of the cranial sutures, which contributes to the deformation of the skull and intracranial hypertension.

Ava came into the world with a crushed skull. Despite doctors' reassurances, Ava was unable to move her neck at six weeks old.

Doctors warned parents that craniosynostosis may adversely affect brain development. During the nine-and-a-half hour operation, surgeons broke Ava's skull into pieces, before reconstructing the pieces into a 'new head'.

Now Ava looks like a normal, healthy child, and nothing but a scar on the skull indicates that she has underwent a difficult surgery. After all the trials, her parents Jenna and Matthew, who are also raising a seven-year-old son, officially tied the knot.

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