Armenia now ranks 10th in number of COVID-19 cases per one million residents

June 29, 2020  12:11

Armenia now ranks 10th in the world in the number of COVID-19 cases per one million inhabitants.

There are already 25,127 COVID-19 cases in Armenia - 8,480 cases per million. According to this indicator, the republic left behind the US, Sweden, Italy, Spain, and Russia.

As before, Qatar, San Marino, and the Vatican are the top three countries in the world in this regard.

Armenia recorded 482 COVID-19 new cases on Monday.

The death toll has reached 433 — an increase by 7 in the past day.

And four other deaths were reported the previous day when the patients were diagnosed with COVID-19 but died of other illnesses - the total number of such cases is 143 now.

The total number of tests conducted so far is 110,571. In the meantime, 11,254 people are currently being treated.

According to the latest data, 13,297 people — with 181 in the last day—have recovered thus far.

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