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March 23, 2017  23:50

Urology is one of the branches of medicine, where the multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases associated with impaired function of the urogenital tract of men, women and children is paramount important.

Due to multidisciplinary character of Erebouni MC it became possible to unite the efforts of urologists, andrologists, endocrinologists, radiologists, oncologists, gynecologists, nephrologists and other specialists of the center with purpose to optimize medical care for such patients.

Department of Urology of Erebouni Medical Center is a modern, highly equipped department, providing non-stop reception, diagnosis and treatment of the patients on the routine and emergency bases.

The Department holds leading position in specialized healthcare services, introduction of innovative strategies of the treatment and basic research on male and female urinary tract and the male reproductive organs' diseases.

The department focuses on the combined therapy, including complex surgical intervention. Careful attention is paid to improving the quality of life of the patient. In case of necessity, a plastic and reconstructive surgery provided. Most surgeons performs minimally invasive surgical intervention using cryosurgical, laser and laparoscopic techniques.

Urology Department provides:

  • Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of all types of urolithiasis (IBC) (including such severe forms as complex staghorn stones). The department is equipped with the latest techniques for diagnosis and treatment of urolithiasis of any complexity and localization which allows using of  minimally invasive and non-invasive methods of treatment:
  • Implementation of a productive remote crushing of the stones of any location, including X-ray negative stones, without general or local anesthesia, through the latest lithotripter Siemens Modularis Variostar;
  • In some cases of the location of the concrements in the ureter or in the kidney, in addition to or instead of lithotripsy the ureterorenoscopy and contact lithotripsy is used. The Department is equipped with the latest flexible ureterorenoscopy of Wolf "Cobra" company, which is allows successfully diagnose and treat the stones located in tight areas of the urinary tract
  • Successful implementation and practical application of endoscopic (percutaneous) treatment of complex and staghorn calculi (nephroscope Storz)
  • The Department has a successful experience of ureterorenoscopic lithoextraction in pregnant,
  • Depending on the indication, as a source for contact lithotripsy, can serve an electrokinetic and pneumatic litotriptors as well as the laser contact lithotripter.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of all types of benign and malignant tumors of the genitourinary male and female urinary system:
  • Endoscopic treatment of benign prostate tumors. Highly qualified professionals use the latest endoscopes and video monitoring in the above cases, to dramatically reduce the need for open surgery in the region of 1%. It is possible to use laser surgery for diseases of the prostate, in tumors of the renal pelvis and bladder, urethral stricture,
  • Early diagnosis, radical treatment of prostate cancer. More than 5 years at the clinic put into practice and successfully applied the method of transrectal biopsy for the diagnosis of prostate cancer with the use of ultrasonic testing. The only one of its kind in the country transrectal ehozond Siemens produces high quality ehoizobrazhenie both in front and in the sagittal plane. With limited process produces a radical prostatectomy.
  • For locally advanced and metastatic disease is used hormone therapy and chemotherapy,
  • In cases of renal neoplasms radical nephrectomy is performed, and when indicated - ablative surgery (partial nephrectomy with the use of laser)
  • When tumors of the bladder, according to the testimony applies transurethral resection, laser ablation, while invasive tumor-radical cystectomy, which is, basically, using orthotopic intestinal reconstruction,
  • Radical surgery for tumors of the testicles and penis.
  • Reconstructive surgery for congenital and acquired narrowing and iatrogenic lesions of the upper and lower urinary tract. The clinic implemented and successfully produced plastic surgery to remove a vesicovaginal fistula, including recurrent and difficult cases with vaginal access.
  • Surgical and conservative treatment of female urinary incontinence. The clinic is equipped with modern urodynamic laboratory where vnedreno all the necessary equipment for the complex urodynamic studies: uroflowmetry, tsistotonometriya, pressure, flow, EMG, etc. The clinic has a unique experience in the diagnosis and treatment of neurogenic bladder disorders. The clinic conducted sling operations for urinary incontinence in women.
  • Conservative and surgical treatment of male infertility, including the method of antegrade sclerotherapy for varicose spermatic duct.
  • The clinic is considered to be a pioneer in the country in the field of urology hour emergency assistance, including state of the art diagnosis and treatment of injuries of the genitourinary system of any type and complexity.
  • Laparoscopic and retroperitoneoscopic intervention in pathologies of the upper urinary tract (using the newest equipment of the company "Wolf").
  • Every day clinic spends a tremendous amount of work to provide outpatient care to patients with urological infektsiionnymi diseases of the urinary system, including diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, erectile dysfunction, ejaculation disorder and so on. D.

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