Why partners giggle or sneeze after sex?

May 19, 2017  23:49

Do you laugh, cry, sneeze, twitch or itch after intimate moments? You are not alone.

Researchers have identified a phenomenon – and called it the peri-orgasm – to describe the uncontrollable psychological or physical sensations that some people experience after sex.

Symptoms include flu-like effects that last for days, a three-hour headache, panic attacks and ear pain.

It is not clear how common it is, but one small study highlighted by researchers who reported their findings in the Sexual Medicines Review found that ten out of 47 women had such responses. 

Among men, sneezing was one of the more common symptoms.

The report from the University of Maryland also recorded that some people have hallucinations or altered consciousness.

It’s thought such behaviour is caused by misfires in the nervous system, with the parasympathetic nervous system sending signals to the wrong places.

The report said: ‘The diversity of the phenomena is notable, and they have little in common other than that they all relate to the physiology of orgasm.’

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