These drinks mistakenly think is useful

August 7, 2017  14:09

Sports drinks are recommended only during extreme physical exertion.

Children leading a healthy lifestyle can harm your health, drinking lots of soft drinks and sweetened sports drinks, according to American scientists.

Researchers from the Center for Healthy Living at the University of Texas (USA) stated that children and their parents mistakenly believe that these drinks are useful, in spite of the high sugar content and the absence of any other nutritional value.

The researchers examined the relationship between consumption of sweetened beverages, healthy and unhealthy eating and physical activity among Texas teenagers.

Sweetened drinks contain sugar or corn syrup, and include many varieties of carbonated and not carbonated beverages. Scientists do not refer to sweetened drinks 100 percent fruit juice.

Children leading a healthy lifestyle were more likely to drink flavored sports drinks, while the children, leading a less healthy lifestyle, often drinking carbonated beverages.

“Sports drinks are successfully promoted as something associated with a healthy lifestyle. While there is very little fruit juice and a lot of excess calories,” said lead author of the study Nalini Ranjit.

“Regular consumption of sweetened beverages increases the weight. Just one can of lemonade a day is 4 pounds of excess weight per year,” he says.

While experts on healthy eating is also not recommended for children to drink more than one glass of juice a day, even if it is 100 percent fruit juice. The fact that the juice is also quite high in calories.

Sports drinks are recommended only during extreme physical exertion. In other cases it is better to drink water and fresh fruit is healthier than fruit juice.


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