Surgeons remove world's biggest tumour from a woman's kidney

October 12, 2017  23:06

Indian surgeons have removed the world's biggest tumour from a woman's kidney - and it was 50 times the size of her organ.

Manju Devi, 28, had complained of a 'lump' on her right side for three years before a scan revealed a huge 31cm by 19 cm mass.

It took a team of surgeons eight hours to remove the 12lb (5.5kg) tumour from her kidney, which had dwarfed her other organs.

The team at the Lokmanya Tilak Municipal General Hospital at Sion in Mumbai said a normal kidney weighs between 110g and 140g.

Experts at the Guinness Book of World Records have since confirmed it to be the largest renal tumour ever discovered.

Urologist Dr Ajit Sawant, who led the surgical team, said: 'She was no longer able to do her day to day activities because of the huge mass in her abdomen.

'In the past three years she had been referred to multiple hospitals, however because of the enormous size, the surgery was deferred.'

The tumour had completely grown over the woman's intestines and the pancreas to the left of her abdomen, a CT scan showed.

Dr Sawant added: 'After thorough evaluation of her fitness to undergo major surgery, she was posted for radical right nephrectomy (kidney removal).

'The enormity of the surgery can be understood by comparing the weight of the kidney tumor - 5.5kg, with the weight of a normal kidney which is 110 to 140g.'

The woman, from the Darbhanga district of Bihar state in North India, was released from hospital after a week.

It comes after MailOnline reported on a case of a teenage girl who hasn't left her house in years because she is bullied over her giant facial tumours.

Rubi Dulari, from India, suffers from neurofibromatosis, a genetic condition that causes tumours to grow along nerves. There is no cure.

And earlier this week a 37-year-old Brazilian professor refused a life-changing operation to remove a large tumour on her face.

Luciana Kele Dorini was born with a tiny birthmark on her right cheek that has swollen over the years. She suffers from arteriovenous malformation. 


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