All born with "Armenian noses" - potential customers of plastic surgeon

December 3, 2013  18:58

On the first place in aesthetic surgery of Armenia are operations of nose correction. «Armenian noses» cause maximum discomfort to their carriers. On this topic reported to Medicine the chief physician of the medical center "Malatia" plastic surgeon Ashot Torosian.

As the surgeon explained - you can hide the ugly ears or figure defects under your hair or clothing; yet, it is impossible to hide your face, and the most noticeable part of the face is the nose. The high cost of the operation in this case does not matter, people save money for years to get rid of the notorious «Armenian nose». «Everyone born with such nose in Armenia is our potential client», assures us the doctor. Treatment with other forms of aesthetic operations in Armenia is a matter of prosperity.

As for who is more than ready to go under the knife for the sake of beauty, men or women, then, said the doctor, of course, here the palm belongs to women and girls, but also the young guys do not consider it shameful to apply to plastic surgery. The percentage of statistics is as follows: 20% of men and 80% women.

Men also generally correct their noses, on the second place are the ears, and rarely, but sometimes, they do a facelift and hair implantation. According to doctor’s observation, it is mostly aged men who have young girl-friends that apply for facelift. On the question, “Does it depend on profession, for example, is it mostly famous politicians and show-business stars that apply to you?”, the doctor answered, that according to his observations, the motives are rather in change of personal lives. He also made an assumption that public people prefer to do this type of surgery abroad, so that it does not get publicity... However, said he, there are famous people among their patients, too, and they are guaranteed confidentiality, though the changes in their appearance are visible, and usually it is possible to guess about the surgical treatment. 

«If you have possibility to dress well, won’t you use it? The same applies to aesthetical operations: if you have possibility and money in order to look good, why not take advantage? » - said the doctor.

Operations on liposuction and breast enhancement are also done in Armenia, as well as correction of lips, in some cases, following the fashion and sometimes in order to obtain facial beauty. According to the surgeon, sometimes imperceptible correction of the lips can completely change a person's face.

The doctor assures that only the quality implants from famous companies are used for breast enhancement: « Everything in the world is all available to us today for money».

As for liposuction, the doctor said, that the patient’s body should be treated, like the sculptor treats his art - tweak slightly what is wrong. «The most important thing is to ensure that the skin after liposuction does not droop, which means, that the fat should be removed in small quantities», he said. There are different methods of liposuction: laser, ultrasound, vibration – each method has its advantages and disadvantages. The most harmless method, according to Ashot Torosian, is the classical mechanical method of removing fat, with other methods there is a danger of thermal burns, tissue damage and other complications. Men, he said, also apply for liposuction; they mostly remove fat from the abdominal wall. It is also very important, according to the doctor, that the patients understand: liposuction does not solve the problem of obesity radically; in this case it is necessary to change the lifestyle, keep certain diet, and be active.

The doctor also noted that while in ordinary cases, liposuction - it is purely aesthetic surgery, then for diabetics - it is also a way to treat the disease in its early stages. Speaking of prices, the doctor noted that liposuction can cost from 50,000 drams to several hundred thousand drams. Silicone implants (not the operation) cost from 700 euros to 1,200 euros. On the question “Does it happen, when the doctor refuses to do surgical operation, because the patient has a fixed idea?” he replied, that practically in all cases of applying to aesthetic surgeon, there is a fixed idea, and the patient's desire, or rather even the dream, they must realize. There were cases, when elderly ladies came to change the form of the nose – that was the dream of their entire life, but they did not have opportunity to perform it during their youth. The patient is refused to do aesthetic surgery only in cases of serious contraindications: mental disorders, changes in the brain, lungs, kidneys, in the cardiovascular system, etc. «The complications during the operations happen, it is impossible without complications in surgery», noted the doctor. According to A. Torosyan, it is impossible to know beforehand, whether there will be graft rejection of implant. Patients are given a memo, which describes the possible risks. «Nothing is hundred-per-cent in life, and medicine is not an exact science. In Armenia, there were cases, when young patients died from hyperthermia, but no one could diagnose, that they will have hyperthermia from anesthesia», - noted A.Torosyan. According to the doctor when the patient goes for surgery, he must weigh the risks: «You board the plane knowing that there are catastrophes, or when walking down the street, you know that there are accidents».

Ashot Torosyan assured, that in Armenia there are first-class plastic surgeons, and people from other countries come here for operations, because they operate well here, and the prices are much lower.

Interviewed Anahit Sargsyan

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