Women are stronger than men, more likely to survive life threatening crisis: study

January 11, 2018  22:28

Women across the globe are defying age old patriarchal norms and smashing stereotypes by claiming their space in various fields. But there are still many who perceive women as the weaker sex arguing that men are the physically stronger sex.

But a new study reveals that it’s women who are strong and are more likely to survive a life threatening crisis than men. Researchers observed the death rates of men and women who were faced with famines and epidemics or were sold into slavery across history.

As The Deccan Chronicle reports, they found that while women survived for a longer interval as compared to men, they outlived male counterparts by years in cases where conditions were equally bad. Life expectancy in men dropped to 18.17 after the Irish Potato Famine while it only dropped to 22.4 for women.

Women were also found to be more likely to live to extreme old age than men and new born girls survived longer than new born boys during famines and epidemics. Researchers feel that difference in sex hormones makes women biologically hardier as oestrogen is known to protect the vascular system and testosterone increases risk for fatal diseases.

They also added that while women are more determined, men tend to give up when things get tough. The higher tendency to take risks among men adds to the difference in life expectancy as they consume tobacco and alcohol in higher quantities and drive less safely among other things.

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