European cardiologists have introduced a new norm blood pressure  

September 6, 2018  14:03

At the annual conference of the ESC in Munich presented the updated joint recommendations of the European society of cardiology (ESC) and European society for hypertension (ESH).

Also new rules for blood pressure measurement published in European Heart Journal, reports

So, if you compare with the previous recommendations from 2013, the new leadership in therapy of hypertension there are several important changes.

If before the treatment goal was reduction of blood pressure to levels below 140 over 90 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg. post), now the upper limit of normal values are considered to be 130 over 80 mm Hg. post.

In addition, it is desirable that in patients younger than 65 years systolic (“upper”) pressure was in the range of 120-129 mm Hg. post, as stated in the manual.

As for patients older than 65 years, whereas the norm for them was considered to be the values of systolic blood pressure 140-150 mm Hg. post, now the doctors need to reduce these indicators to 130-139 mm Hg. post.

The same indicators are now recommended for people over the age of 80 years, if they tolerate the treatment of hypertension (still the age the patients were advised to reduce the “top” pressure to 140-150 mm Hg. column).

It is noted that in the treatment of hypertension the values of the diastolic (“lower”) pressure in all groups of patients, regardless of the degree of risk and concomitant diseases should not be reduced to 90, as was customary to do before, and up to 80 mm Hg. post and below.

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