Men with small penises 'more likely to be infertile,' study finds

October 8, 2018  23:49

Men who are less well-endowed could also be less fertile, a study has claimed.

According to Standard, infertile men have slightly shorter penises than those without reproductive issues.

The difference in size is around a third of an inch, just shy of a centimetre, when erect, the Mirror reports.

Speaking to the paper, study leader Dr Austen Slade of the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, said: “It may not be a striking difference but there was a clear statistical significance.

“It remains to be determined if there are different penile length cut-offs that would predict more severe infertility.”

Researchers measured the length of 815 men’s genitals who attended a facility clinic in Denver, Colorado.

This was done over the course of three years.

Fertile men had an average erect length of 5.27inches while those who were infertile measured 4.92inches comparatively.

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