Colorado artist who lost the use of his hands after contracting rare disease is painting with his MOUTH

November 20, 2018  20:05

Alex Biagi grew up very active. He played soccer and basketball throughout high school, played piano and painted.

But in his early 20s, he started to feel tingling and numbness in his fingers and, soon enough, had trouble moving his hands and wrists.

After years of doctors' visits and various tests, Biagi was diagnosed with Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy, a rare autoimmune disease that meant his hands would end up paralyzed.

Biagi, from Denver, Colorado, became very depressed and gave up on painting, thinking that it was no use continuing his art if he lost the use of his hands.

'I didn't want to give up painting, drawing, playing the piano or gaming but I had no choice,' he said. 

But that changed three years ago, when his mother received a calendar in the mail of paintings from mouth painters. 

'I was blown away!' Biagi remembered. 'So I went on YouTube and watched some mouth painters and it really inspired me to give it a try. That was about three and half years ago and I haven't looked back.'

Biagi said it was hard at first because he had to learn how to rotate the brush so he could paint the right angles.  

'The response on social media was more than I was expecting. Everyone seemed to really like it!' he said. 

Biagi's Instagram account now features paintings of scenic landscapes, a rooster and even LeBron James.

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