S-EXHAUSTED Blokes who live on a main road are ‘more likely to be a flop in bed’ due to fumes, study suggests

February 4, 2019  22:33

BLOKES who live on a main road are more likely to be a flop in bed, a study suggests.

Exposure to exhaust fumes reduced blood flow to the genitals in laboratory tests on rats.

It also slashed their lung capacity, meaning they were more likely to run out of puff when they got frisky. Scientists compared the sexual performance of rodents exposed to varying levels of emissions.

Three groups breathed in the pollutants for two, four or six hours a day for three months.
A fourth set of rats enjoyed clean, unpolluted air.

Those in the four and six-hour groups suffered a “significant reduction” in erectile function compared to the clean air and two hours of pollution groups.

Dr Shankun Zhao, of China’s Guangzhou University, said: “For the first time our study revealed the effect of vehicle exhaust on penile erection.

“Our results raise concerns about the potential role played by long-term exposure to gasoline vehicle exhaust in the development of erectile dysfunction.”

Previous studies have linked pollution to an increased risk of heart disease, cancer and dementia.

The findings are published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Source: The Sun

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