Factory worker who ballooned to 24st while surviving on takeaways and microwave meals is almost unrecognisable after losing half his body weight in a YEAR

March 15, 2019  13:01

A factory worker is almost unrecognisable after losing almost half his body weight in a year.

Luke Withers, 32, from Haverhill, Suffolk, used to be so large he struggled to fit inside the forklift trucks at the factory where he worked.  

The junk food eater, who tipped the scales at 24st, felt no one paid him attention when he went out with friends, and it completely killed his self-confidence. 

But after shedding an incredible 11 stone he has a newfound confidence - and is even preparing to run a half marathon this weekend.  

Speaking on his weight loss journey, Luke said: 'I had trouble fitting into the forklift trucks at work. I was trying to get in and I was so big it was a real struggle.

'I found it very difficult to do anything. I was very lethargic and my motivation was next to nothing.

'I live at the top of a hill so when I wanted to walk into town, I dreaded going back because I would get so out of breath.

'There were nights when I was at home quite depressed. I had been single for a long time and had nights out when I came back and got a sense that nobody even bothered looking at me.

'It was very hard to approach people and I knew subconsciously it was because of how I looked. It killed me self-confidence wise.'

Luke said he used to go out drinking most weekends and would often put away 10 pints of cider in a night.

He would regularly order takeaways, including Chinese, Indian, fish and chips, and 10-inch pizzas.

He added: 'Every dinner I would have a couple of slices of bread to mop up after a meal. I was buying shop-bought ready meals and things like chicken nuggets.'

Luke said he was inspired to join his local Slimming World group in early 2017 after his older brother Kenneth did the same and lost 6st.

He also wanted to help his father Christopher lose weight. He said: 'My dad has been diagnosed with diabetes for some time.

 'He had a medical before that Christmas and they said if he didn't improve his condition he would have to get an insulin pen.

'If I had kept going the way I was, I was almost guaranteed to get it [diabetes] too.

'I asked him if he wanted me to go to Slimming World with him to help him lose some weight, and his eyes lit up.

'I was expecting it to be like Little Britain but it wasn't like that at all.'

Since joining the group, Luke has started making all his meals at home with fresh ingredients, including spaghetti Bolognese and his own doner kebabs.

He also enjoys cooking quiches without the pastry base, shepherd's pie and Scotch eggs.

At the same time as started with the weight loss group, he joined a gym and took up running, completing his first 5k in 35 minutes one year ago.

He can now cover the same distance in less than 20 minutes, and is set to complete a half marathon at Hampton Court on Sunday.

Luke also said he has found love, adding: 'Before I had been on dating sites and it never worked out for me. I never got an answer.

'But after redoing my profile with before and after pictures, I started getting responses.

'I'm currently with someone and we've been together for two or three months now. We're together and we're very happy.

'Before I was ashamed, depressed and lethargic. Now I'm more and more confident every day.

'I've got more energy and I'm hopeful for the future and looking forward to enjoying life to the full.'

Source: dailymail.co.uk

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