School girl, 16, girl who ate nothing but burgers for dinner for 14 YEARS claims hypnotism cured her 'addiction'

March 19, 2019  13:06

A teenager who claims to have consumed 5,000 burgers over 14 years has told how hypnotism cured her 'addiction'.

Caitlin Braithwaite, 16, from Whitnash, Warwickshire suffered from a selective eating disorder since the age of two, refusing to eat anything except burgers every day for dinner.

The school girl says she would become physically sick when faced with the prospects of trying any fruit or vegetables.

Caitlin's mother Lorna, 36, decided to get her daughter hypnotised to get rid of her penchant for burgers after witnessing her daughter battle with the craving for 14 years.

Recounting Caitlin's struggles with food, Lorna told how the family couldn't go out for dinner unless the restaurant had burgers available on the menu.

She said: 'For years all Caitlin would eat was burgers, even when I tried to give her something else she would refuse to eat it.

'Since she was able to eat solid food she had burgers almost daily for dinner and wouldn't have anything else with it.

'Even when going out for dinner we had to make sure that we went to somewhere that had burgers available - which proved difficult if we wanted to go somewhere fancy.

'She wouldn't be able to go to friends' houses for dinner either, because obviously they wouldn't always be able to give her a burger for dinner.

'Even just the thought of eating fruit of vegetables would make her physically sick.'

Lorna continued: 'Any time she tried to get something healthy remotely near her mouth she would start to gag and couldn't even try it.

'Even potatoes were a challenge for her and would make her ill, so she wouldn't even have fries with her burgers for dinner.

'She had to take supplements since she was a young girl, because not having the fruit and vegetables caused her to lack nutrition.

'There were also points where she got so bored of eating burgers all of the time, that she started to not want to eat - and that's when I knew something had to be done, and looked into hypnotherapy.' 

Caitlin was able to overcome her addiction to burgers after just one hypnotherapy session with expert David Kilmurry and has also started eating fruit and vegetables.

Lorna revealed Caitlin has set herself the goal of completing a full roast dinner since overhauling her diet. 

She said: 'Since she has come out of hypnotherapy, Caitlin has been trying all sorts of fruits and vegetables and actually enjoys them.

'She's been eating a lot of green pepper and, although she still likes burgers, she's able to have lettuce in them now.

'Every day I will find her trying a new type of healthy food and it's great to see her take control of her eating.

'Her main goal is eating a full roast dinner, but that will take time - but at least she's off the burgers for now.' 

Cognitive behavioural specialist David Kilmurry says he was able to break Caitlin's burger addiction by encouraging her to try cucumber.

'Caitlin came to the clinic with a horrendous fuel intake and even bigger phobia of vegetables, fruit and anything natural.

'Burgers are bad for your health in such a great quantity. Caitlin told me she was suffering headaches, mood swings, sugar rushes, light headedness.

'Following hypnotism in a sedated state I offer my clients several plates of food which Caitlin started to break the ice with, she tried cucumber first, then a grape, then fresh salads.

'A few days later she was training in the gym thanks to her newfound energy and is looking to a bright and healthy future.'


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