Jeremy Bowen reveals the horrific way he was accidentally given his bowel cancer diagnosis

May 2, 2019  10:52

Jeremy Bowen has opened up about his bowel cancer diagnosis and revealed the horrific way he was told he had the disease. We’ve all seen the adverts were patients are taken into a room with their family while they received the results of their scans, or biopsy. However, according to the journalist, nothing like this happened when he found out his tragic results.

When chatting on Good Morning Britain, the star urged people to go and get checked out before talking about his reaction when overhearing two doctors talk about his diagnosis.

He told the host Piers Morgan: ‘You read about people being ushered into the room, and the consultant saying, “sit down I have something to tell you.” ‘It was nothing like that. I was having a colonoscopy, where they put this camera on the end of this flexible tube up your bottom.

‘You have a lot of drugs, and the fact I had a lot of drugs meant I was in quite a nice, warm mood.’

The 59-year-old continued: ‘I was lying on my side looking at this enormous screen of the inside of my insides, and I heard one doctor say to the other doctor, “hmm, that looks like cancer.” ‘I just thought because I was off my face with opioids, I said, “Oh, that’s interesting.” It didn’t really bother me at the time.’ However, after coming away and having time to think, he added: ‘But of course when I came to, I thought, “well this is quite serious.”‘

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