Adult film star, 33, feared she was going to die after allergic reaction to injection caused her top lip to swell to FOUR TIMES its normal size

May 13, 2019  21:31

An adult film star was left fearing for her life after she suffered a severe allergic reaction to a lip job.

Kirsty Collins, 33, from Sheffield, wanted to have her lip fillers removed in order to completely re-design her pout.

Ms Collins, known as Bambi Black by her fans, paid £300 to have hyaluronidase injected into her lips to help break down the old filler.

However, within minutes, her top lip swelled to four times its normal size, and her manager, Jamie Allen, 40, insisted she was rushed to hospital.

After being treated by doctors, Ms Collins said she regrets not having a patch test which could have helped avoid the ordeal.

Ms Collins said: 'I was so frightened, I even feared I might die.

'I knew from the get-go something wasn't right, as within seconds of the beautician injecting my upper lip, I felt this burning sensation begin to spread across my face.

'I didn't feel right at all, I started to panic and my heart was beating right out of my chest.

'The next thing I knew, my upper lip was growing before my very eyes. I could see and feel it getting bigger and bigger.'

Ms Collins has spent at least £30,000 on having Botox injections, lip fillers, cheek fillers, two boob jobs, liposuction, and is currently on the waiting list for a £3,800 Brazilian butt-lift.

She began remodelling her look when she started adult work seven years ago, after leaving her career as a glamour model to earn 'big bucks' in the film industry.

She said: 'The industry demands that stars have cosmetic surgery, there's no two ways about it. The porn look fans want can only be achieved one way - through plastic surgery.

'If you want to stay on top of the game, you've got to beat the competition, and the only way to do that is by getting bigger and better – quite literally.

'Knowing me, I'll be on my death bed and asking for one last nip tuck.'

While her image is important for her job, with the business turning over £20,000 a month, Ms Collins also 'completely loves the fake porn look'.

Ms Collins had been having lip fillers, which can cost in the region of £300, every three months. But, dissatisfied with her pout, she consulted a new clinic about having them removed.

'For the past year or so I felt like I wasn't getting the results I wanted from my filler,' Ms Collins said.

She was advised to have a hyaluronidase injection - an enzyme in the body that breaks down filler naturally over the course of six to 12 months but can be used to speed up the process within days.

Now a veteran of cosmetic treatments, Ms Collins didn't bat an eyelid when a beautician pumped a needle full of it into her top lip. It is not clear if Ms Collins was offered a patch test or not.

Ms Collins said: 'I'd heard about people having allergic reactions to all sorts before, and I immediately began to worry that the numbing sensation spreading across my lips would reach my eyes or throat.'

Luckily Ms Collins' manager, Mr Allen, of Sheffield, was with her and called an ambulance straight away.

Mr Allen said: 'Given my line of work I know how to keep a cool head in these situations.

'As soon as I saw the swelling, my first concern was making sure we had it under control before it started to spread any further.'

Arriving 15 minutes later, an ambulance whisked Ms Collins off to Doncaster Royal Infirmary, with Mr Allen following behind in his Lamborghini sports car.

On arrival, Ms Collins was told she had suffered an allergic reaction to the enzyme. She was given two shots of adrenaline, a dose of anthistamine and steroids, in a bid to control the swelling.

She was then put 'on watch' for seven hours, before being discharged when it was deemed she was no longer in danger.

'It really made me realise that you are putting your life in the hands of someone else every time you have cosmetic work done,' Ms Collins said.

'Now whenever I'm being injected with a substance I've never used before, I'll be sure to do a patch test first to ensure there isn't an adverse reaction.'

Sharing her story on social media with her thousands of followers, Ms Collins - whose lips went back to normal after a week - was overwhelmed by the positive response, although not everyone was sympathetic.

'I was touched by all the fans offering their support,' Ms Collins said. 'But it's hard not to notice all the trolls out there, calling me "trout pout".

'At the end of the day this is how I choose to look, and I shouldn't be judged on that.'

Ms Collins does not blame the practitioner who carried out the procedure and refuses to give up her cosmetic surgery addiction.

She said: 'I love plastic surgery and I always will, I'm scheduled in for my next round of lip filler next week.

'I've got a Brazilian butt-lift planned for later this year and I'm already looking at my third boob job.'

Leading cosmetic doctor Dr Aamer Khan, co-founder of Harley Street Skin - which is not where Ms Collins had her treatment - warned that allergic reactions can happen.

He said: 'Hyaluronidase is the substance used to remove filler and in rare cases it can cause an allergic reaction.

'At Harley Street Skin we do a patch test to establish whether the client is allergic to the substance. We also insist that all clients remain with us for an hour after the treatment to ensure they do not have an allergic reaction.

'Our staff are equipped with epi pens and would immediately take a client presenting a problem to hospital in extreme cases. Fortunately, it is a rare occurrence.'

Source: The Daily Mail

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