Woman, 27, who weighed 160 kilos and lived on fast food reveals how she lost HALF of her body weight naturally

May 21, 2019  12:00

Laura Durheim's breaking point with her uncontrollable weight gain was attempting to ride 'The Claw' at Dreamworld amusement park and not being able to fit in the seat.

The next week the 27-year-old from Lismore, New South Wales, decided to overhaul her diet - being 'too big' to exercise at 160 kilos - and cut out the junk food she had been existing on. She then went on to lose 95 kilos.

'I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember,' Laura told FEMAIL

At 25 years of age she felt 'horrendous' and 'depressed' by her size and had been diagnosed with high blood pressure, early intervention for diabetes and severe PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome).

'I was on anti-depressants. I slept way too much and I was always exhausted,' she said.

'I wouldn't have breakfast and then around mid-morning I would eat a sausage roll and a pie.

'Lunch would be McDonald's... a large nugget meal and cheeseburger. Dinner would be the same as lunch or very similar.

Throughout the day she could drink anywhere between three and five litres of Coca-Cola and snack on junk food constantly.

But that all changed when she joined her all-female gym, Summit, in Goonellebah, motivated by her brother.

'I was terrified. I was given a workout plan but was too scared to do it alone, so I kept to the treadmill. I felt so out of place. I cried most days after leaving,' she said.

'At first I was angry when I looked around. I couldn't understand why a size eight would even go to the gym.

'But I soon realised that going to a gym isn't always about losing weight, everyone has their different reasons, like physio, to tone, training for different competitions or as I have recently been told "to get away from the kids".'

After linking up with personal trainer Lisa Manson, she started working out in a private room, not wanting to be watched by others.

'Now I love the gym. If I miss a day I feel super guilty, I don't sleep well and I find I am more flat,' Laura said.

'I am confident with all the equipment and I have learnt so much and continue to learn new things everyday.

'The gym for me now isn't even about losing weight anymore, it keeps my sanity in check and I truly believe its what helps me mentally.'

Laura started noticing physical changes at the 12-month mark and was off her medications soon after.

Laura now goes to the gym most mornings and divides her time between cardio, weights or a mixture of both.

'I fit in a pump class on weeks I'm free at those times, regular personal training sessions and in the afternoons I run,' she said.

Now, at 65 kilos, she eats Special K for breakfast, fruit or scrambled eggs, lunch is a salad or wrap and dinner is predominately chicken and vegetables.

'I snack on fruit and nuts throughout the day and drink litres of water, which keeps me full,' she said.

The best part about Laura's journey has been the new lease on life she has discovered.

'I am doing things I told myself were stupid and didn't interest me because I couldn't do them,' she said.

'I have climbed Mount Warning and ran the Gold Coast 10km race. I actually have a shot at living, I can plan ahead because I will be around to do it. I can now shop at all shops because I fit in those sizes.

'My only regret is not starting sooner, not getting to the point I did, the point of not being able to turn it around.

'I urge anyone not happy within themselves for whatever reason, don't waste another day, don't keep putting it off. If you want it bad enough, you can achieve anything.'

Source: The Daily Mail

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