Boy has rare disorder shedding skin like snake

June 6, 2019  09:40

Elio Figueredo, 13, from Florida suffers a rare disorder,  constantly shedding skin like snake, The Daily Mail reported

From birth, the boy suffers from a disorder that is a type of ichthyosis. Elio's body too quickly produces skin cells, which is why the skin of a child constantly flakes and becomes red.

"Because of the bright red and flaky appearance of his skin, he is often taunted by other kids, who have called him ugly and disabled, and even telling him to kill himself,” the source noted.

Doctors predicted that Elio would not see his first birthday. Now the boy is trying to live a full life, and wants to inspire other ichthyosis patients.

Elio lives in constant monitoring of his health. Twice a week, he takes special medicinal baths, and every 2-3 hours he covers the body with moisturizing Vaseline. In order not to get sunburns, the boy wears several layers of clothing when going outside.

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