6 foods you must never reheat

June 15, 2019  22:10

Reheated food often becomes carcinogenic and ends up poisoning the body.


You must avoid reheating dairy products. Many of these products will be rolled and sour after heating. In addition, there are bacteria useful for digestion in these products, which simply die in the microwave, and the product will cease to be useful.


Heating the beef and other meat products is expected to increase the content of carcinogens in it. In addition, it is believed that during heating, the structure of protein molecules, fats, vitamins in the product changes.


It’s not the best idea to heat greens in microwave as well, because due to heat treatment, it will lose its useful properties: it is better to eat only fresh greens.


Mushrooms should be eaten immediately after cooking. The protein in mushrooms is destroyed once it's exposed to heat over and over again.


Eggs also should not be reheated as it may harm the digestion process.

Frozen products:

Reheating frozen foods in the microwave is also not such a good idea. It is especially concerns berries, strawberries, cherries or cranberries. The fact is that microwaves will destroy up to 60% of vitamin C and other useful substances, which will make the product completely meaningless.

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