Scientists offer clever new strategy for treating pancreatic cancer

June 17, 2019  16:11

Scientists at the University of West Virginia (USA) have proposed a new method to fight pancreatic cancer - one of the deadliest types of cancer.

Pancreatic cancer is difficult to treat because it is resistant to traditional chemotherapy. However, experts believe that the use of FOLFIRINOX - a combination of anticancer drugs - can improve the survival of patients in whom the tumor is located near large blood vessels.

Experts analyzed 24 studies and examined 313 cases of border resectable pancreatic cancer, when the tumor was almost impossible to remove due to the possibility of abundant bleeding. FOLFIRINOX was used to treat these patients so that the neoplasm is reduced and can be safely cut out.

It turned out that the combination of drugs was indeed very effective and prolonged the life of patients. Its use very often made surgery possible.

Patients taking FOLFIRINOX survived 22.2 months compared with the control group, where patients lived to 12 months.

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