Scientists prove music subject help one learn better at school

June 25, 2019  12:09

Scientists have made a curious discovery: students of music schools better pass exams or tests in the exact and humanitarian sciences.

Peter Gouzouasis from the University of British Columbia (Canada) and his colleagues analyzed the progress in learning of over 100 thousand high school students who have passed the final or intermediate exams, while 13% of the subjects were engaged in music, The Journal of Educational Psychology reported

It turned out that studying in a music school had a positive effect on academic performance in mathematics, physics, biology, and the humanities. At the same time, a curious regularity was established: schoolchildren who played musical instruments took exams better than those who studied vocal. The school performance was directly related to success in the music field.

Scientists do not exclude the fact that music skills have a positive effect on the child's self-development.

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