Boy who underwent groundbreaking surgery in womb is recovering

June 25, 2019  16:25

Before he was born in January 2018, Charley Royer underwent an operation to treat the beginnings of spina bifida, The Daily Mail reported

According to the source, serious health problems were identified in the child at the 13th week of pregnancy. The operation in the womb was fraught with serious risks. But his parents, Lexi and Joshuwa Royer, were given the option to try a new technique developed by surgeons at Texas Children's Hospital, with doctors in Barcelona. During it, they did not cut the womb, but made small incisions on it, and inserted tools and video cameras into them. After the necessary surgery was performed on the spine of the fetus. At that time, Lexi was in the 24th week of pregnancy.

Charley was born in January 2018. Doctors did not exclude the possibility that the child will be paralyzed, but the operation was successful, and his health is gradually recovering. Parents hope that in the future he will be able to walk without help. Spina bifida often causes bladder problems, but Charley seems to have been through it. It is possible that, as he grows older, the boy will have to undergo a series of operations, but his parents are optimistic.

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