Any apparently healthy 40-year-old person has average of 5 diseases

July 6, 2019  23:45

Any apparently healthy 40-year-old person has an average of 5 diseases that have not yet manifested themselves and which he has not yet come to know, scientists from Flinders University (Australia) said.

As part of a curious study, they conducted a thorough physical examination among 561 volunteers between the ages of 40 and 75. All participants had no complaints about their health, were outwardly healthy and active, BMC Geriatrics reported.

The researchers were primarily interested in the quality of hearing and memory in volunteers, as well as the state of their nervous, respiratory and cardiovascular systems. As it turned out, each participant had an average of 5 health problems that are not yet fully manifest themselves.

The most frequent problems of the study participants were:

high blood pressure

memory problems

cognitive impairment

hearing impairment

poor physical fitness (inability to perform a series of basic exercises).

Experts strongly advise to undergo preventive examinations that allow you to detect the problem at the initial stage and to avoid high costs of treatment.

According to scientists, it is important for 40-year-olds to know that at this age many problems and illnesses can be reversible - all that is needed is to be attentive to health and follow the recommendations of doctors.

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