How can mental health be improved?

July 9, 2019  10:48

Scientists in Hong Kong have succeeded in finding out how one can improve mental health. Based on their studies, mentally healthy people are those who don’t use alcohol.

As reported EurekAlert!, the study was based on answers from 10,386 people who either haven’t used alcohol or have used it moderately. The answers were compared with the results of a study conducted with 31,079 people.

It turned out that those who didn’t use alcohol were the most mentally healthy people. There were also positive changes in people who have stopped drinking alcohol.

Scientists call on paying attention to the data, taking into consideration the increase in the use of alcohol around the world. Based on the results of the study, scientists say the advice for moderate use of alcohol also needs to be given with great precaution.

The study was published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ).

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