Study: People are willing to give up smoking for money

July 19, 2019  13:24

Scientists from the Norwich Medical School at the University of East Anglia made an interesting discovery: it turns out that a person is more likely to give up smoking for financial reward, Cochrane Library reported

Experts analyzed data from 33 studies conducted in eight countries, including over 21,600 people. Half of the smokers involved in the experiments received a financial reward for giving up smoking. Another 10 studies were devoted to pregnant women who are ready to stopgive up smoking for a gift card. In total, the amount of remuneration for abandoning addiction varied from zero (in control groups) to $ 1,185.

By monitoring the health of the subjects for at least six months, the scientists found that those who received a reward had 50% more chances to give up smoking than smokers from control groups. As a result, about 10.5% of the people gave up smoking, and 7% voluntarily. The same was recorded by pregnant smokers.

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