Scientists say cigarettes dangerous for both humans and nature

July 23, 2019  19:29

Cigarettes are dangerous for not only human health, but also the whole planet since cigarette butts cause severe harm to the environment.

Scientists at Anglia Ruskin University have found that cigarette butts thrown in grass or on the ground significantly deteriorate the growth of plants.

Science Alert reports that the scientists took samples of plants in Cambridge, including at squares where there were more than 100 cigarette butts per square meter.

The studies of the samples showed that the butts reduce the sprout of plants by 10%, and the sprout of clovers by 27%.

Scientists say nearly 4.5 trillion cigarette butts are thrown every year. Of course, this is an estimate and is based on the data about the production of 5.6 trillion cigarettes.

Filter is the most dangerous polluting element in a cigarette butt and contains cellulose acetate, and specialists claim that filters need to be banned.

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