4 trace elements essential for healthy teeth and gums

July 27, 2019  11:09

A balanced, competent diet is very important for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Here is some trace elements that must be in your diet for having healthy teeth and gums:


Calcium is a very important for us. With a lack of calcium, tooth enamel begins to break down. Calcium, according to experts, must be consumed with food every day. It is contained in foods such as cheeses, eggs, meat, milk and other dairy products.


Magnesium deficiency in the body increases the sensitivity of teeth, with the result that teeth painfully react even to moderately hot or cold food. To replenish the reserves of magnesium in the body, you need to regularly use zucchini, pumpkin, beets, beans, potatoes, dried fruits.


Phosphorus gives teeth whiteness. It is found in foods such as red meat, fish, buckwheat, dairy products, beans.

Vitamin PP

Vitamin PP is important for gum health. If your teeth often bleed, it can be a symptom of a lack of vitamin PP in the body. This vitamin is rich in nuts, turkey, seafood, beef, sea fish.

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