Unexpected connection between sleep and successful entrepreneurship revealed

August 7, 2019  11:00

Scientists from the University of Central Florida have identified a link between sleep duration and successful entrepreneurship, Business Venturing reported.

According to the lead author of the study, Jeffrey Gish, quality sleep is most important for entrepreneurs, because it directly affects their success.

The study involved 700 entrepreneurs from around the world. For the experiment, scientists prepared a number of business ideas, and asked the subjects to evaluate their potential prospects. The volunteers had to study three projects in one day. It turned out that those who did not get enough sleep could not notice a promising project.

Entrepreneurs were given several weeks to familiarize themselves with business ideas, all of which had to report in detail about their sleep patterns. As it turned out, those who gave the dream at least seven hours a day, with high accuracy determined the most winning projects. Businessmen, who slept fewer hours, coped with the task much worse.

Thus, sleep deficit distorts the idea of the commercial potential of a business idea.

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