Professor says 30% of Armenia's adult population is obese and overweight

August 12, 2019  19:33

Thirty per cent Armenia’s adult population is obese and overweight, chief cardiologist of Yerevan, Professor Parunak Zelveyan told Medicine.

According to him, severe obesity is not widespread in the republic, but in the case of overweight the situation is different.

The expert informed that several years ago studies were carried out in a number of schools in the capital that revealed depressing indicators: approximately 30-40% of children were overweight.

“The reasons are low physical activity among children,” he said. “It is necessary to reduce the indicators of overweight in school children. This will prevent their future development of cardiovascular diseases, metabolic disorders, diabetes, prediabetes, as well as metabolic syndrome.”

According to him, negative effects of malnutrition on the body.

“Fast food can't be helpful. These are fast-digesting carbohydrates, high calorie content, high fat content. It is necessary to follow the rules of good nutrition, that is, take food often, but in small portions. Do not forget about the dangers of sweet soda for the heart,” he said.

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