Experts speak on delicious way to prevent cancer and heart disease

August 13, 2019  19:00

Eating foods rich in flavonoids (plant pigments) will help protect the body against cancer and heart disease.

Researchers from Edith Cowan University (Australia) for 23 years studied the diet of over 53 thousand people. It turned out that those who consumed at least 500 mg of flavonoids per day were less likely to die from cancer or heart disease, and this also applied to smokers and drinkers.

500 mg of flavonoids will provide a cup of tea, one apple, one orange, 100 g. broccoli and 100 gr. blueberries.

The mechanism of the beneficial effects of flavonoids on the body is not yet clear, but scientists do not exclude the possibility that they reduce the level of inflammatory processes.

Their positive effects on human blood vessels have been proven previously.

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