Scientists find out why men are indifferent to fruits and vegetables

August 16, 2019  12:19

Specialists from the University of East Anglia decided to find out what is the reason for the indifference to the healthy diet of many men, Nutrients reported.

Specialists were prompted by this idea that in England the youngest people aged 18-24 eat the least fruits and vegetables.

A total of 34 volunteers aged 18 to 24, whose body mass index was within normal limits, were involved in the study. The participants had to keep a diary for four days, writing down their diet in detail. They then answered questions regarding the principles of healthy eating.

It turned out that most men were not even informed that in order to maintain their health, they need to eat five servings of vegetables and fruits a day.

Meanwhile, the participants knew that fruits and vegetables are good for health. The highest percentage of volunteers came from those who rarely ate vegetables and fruits, explaining either that they did not like their taste, or their unwillingness to expand their diet and try something new, or a dislike for cooking, which forces them to buy processed foods.

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