Persistent cough becomes bowel cancer

August 19, 2019  11:47

Trevor Walker, 56, from UK, suffered from a persistent cough for 2 months. As it turned out, coughing was a symptom of bowel cancer, Daily Mirror reported

At first Trevor's family decided that he had caught an infection and advised him to go to the hospital. In the hospital, however, Trevor was diagnosed with intestinal cancer, and at a late stage.

“The first time Trevor and I heard the words bowel cancer from the doctors, we were stunned.

We cried into each other's arms and said 'we'll fight this, we'll get through it, it will be fine,” his wife, Mandie, said.

Trevor’s condition was very serious and rapidly deteriorating, and the doctors concluded that he had about 3 weeks left to live. The British spent the last days in a hospital surrounded by relatives and friends. He passed away 16 days after being diagnosed.

“It was such a shock. He had no symptoms. He had regular bowel movements, there wasn't any blood. All he had was this cough that everyone seemed to have. But it turned out the fluid on his lungs was secondary cancer because the bowel cancer had spread so far and so fast. It was devastating.

From the day he was diagnosed to the day he died, was just 16 days. It was really traumatic seeing him deteriorate so rapidly. He lost so much weight, he was all skin and bones.

He went from having no symptoms whatsoever just this cough that everyone put down to a chest infection.

He was a very healthy young man. He was very fit. He was tall and slim. He hadn't smoked for more than 30 years. He wasn't a heavy drinker. He was conscious of what he ate.

He was a football referee so he was always running around the pitch - usually three or four times a week - as well as working,” Mandie added.

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