Newborn dies due to her mother's milk

August 21, 2019  13:00

A newborn girl from the English city of Teignmouth, County Devon, died of her mother's milk. During pregnancy, the mother took pain medication, which may have passed into her breast milk and led to the death of the baby, reported.

The girl, who was only five days old, died on September 30 last year, but the case of her death is being considered now. During the pregnancy, the girl’s mother, on the recommendation of the doctors, drank Tramadol for back pain.

According to her mother, after taking the pain medication, she did not plan to breastfeed her daughter, but the doctors said that she had nothing to fear. Pediatrician Peter Fleming got acquainted with the case materials and noted that Tramadol is a relatively new drug that can pass into breast milk and pose a danger to the newborn.

According to the doctor, taking this drug during pregnancy is undesirable.

Forensic scientist Ian Arrow concluded that the death of the child was sudden and unexpected.

He promised to convey Dr. Fleming's warnings to the hospital where the girl was born. The case is under investigation. 

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