Woman has Harry Potter scar on her forehead after skin cancer treatment

August 21, 2019  17:31

Erica Brooke, 43, was left with an unusual scar on her forehead after skin cancer treatment, SWNS reported.

UK resident being a teenger was a fan of the solarium, and rarely used sunscreen during a vacation at sea. By the age of 30, she reduced her visit to the solarium to twice a week, but this did not save her from the development of cancer.

She first noticed a small painful tightening on her forehead in 2017. However, it was increasing in size and forced her to see a doctor. She was assured that there was no reason for concern, but the symptoms did not recede, and only in 2019 did she finally get the correct diagnosis - basal cell cancer.

The affected area of ​​the skin was removed, as a result of which a scar resembling a Harry Potter scar remained on her forehead.

Erica urges everyone not to repeat her mistakes, not to abuse the tanning bed and be sure to use sunscreen.

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