Man loses 90 kilos to look after children of his daughter who died of cancer

August 22, 2019  17:25

Mike Summers, 56, from Wales lost 90 kilos to fulfill the dying request of his daughter, who died of breast cancer 3 years ago, Daily Mail reported

Mike's daughter, before dying, asked him to help with child care when she was gone.

“The last conversation I had with my daughter was I had to try and be around to help my son in law with her kids. I was being selfish. It is only when I lost my daughter did I realise that if something happened to me, I would be leaving everyone else behind. The reason why I have done this is not for my own personal gain, but for everybody,” he said.

Mr Summers wanted to lose a total of 12st 3lb.

Before he started his weight loss journey he would eat several pasties for breakfast, multiple sandwiches for lunch and a takeaway for dinner.

“Now I have lost all this weight, it has got a thousand times better. I feel fitter now than I did when I was in my 40s,” he said.

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