Young woman, 24, vows to ‘crawl down’ aisle before letting brain tumor stop her wedding

August 23, 2019  17:43

Christina Anderson, 24, recovered as soon as possible after brain surgery and the main motivation was the upcoming wedding, New York Post reported

Three months before the wedding, Christina suddenly felt severe dizziness and nausea. Her coordination was disturbed. After CT scan, doctors revealed hemangioblastoma, a non-cancerous tumor, which was about 2 inches in diameter

The girl needed an urgent surgery, because due to its location, the tumor pressed on the areas of the brain associated with swallowing, breathing and balance. Christina admits that she was very worried about the prospect of losing hair due to surgery, but the surgeons, having learned about her upcoming marriage, shaved only a small area.

The operation lasted eight hours, and after it Christina needed a long period of rehabilitation.

“Despite her terrifying diagnosis, Jensen couldn’t help but worry about her upcoming wedding, less than three months away. Recovery from the eight-hour surgery would almost certainly put a hamper on the celebration, but she was determined to have the event go down as she planned, on the original date. And Sharma was willing to do everything he could to make sure it was perfect — even skirt surgical protocol,” the source noted.

Christina will have to do an MRI of the brain regularly for the rest of her life, as doctors must monitor her health.

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