Excessive thirst: diseases, risks and causes

August 24, 2019  18:42

Feeling thirsty is quite normal if the air temperature is too high or if you move a lot. But in some cases, constant thirst can also indicate various diseases, such as:


Even if you still feel dry in your mouth after drinking water, this may be a symptom of diabetes, a dangerous disease that cannot be ignored. If you notice this symptom, be sure to go to the clinic at the place of residence to consult a therapist and check your blood glucose level.

Kidney problems

With kidney problems, a constant feeling of thirst can also occur. But at the same time, a person, as a rule, rarely urinates, and he develops swelling. If you notice such symptoms in yourself, do not postpone the visit to the doctor.


Constant thirst can also be a sign of intoxication.

Calcium imbalance

Constant thirst can also indicate a calcium imbalance arising from abnormalities in the parathyroid glands. In this case, a person may also have bone pain, muscle weakness, increased fatigue, memory problems.

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