5 ways to boost your cognitive fitness in old age

August 24, 2019  22:16

Many people note a deterioration in cognitive function: it becomes more difficult for them to memorize information, solve problems, or even think about something. What can be done to maintain cognitive function in old age? A few tips about this were shared by the American psychiatrist Gary Small.

Control medication

There is evidence that half of the patients diagnosed with Alzheimer's did not actually have this disease - and an autopsy confirmed this. And the symptoms, similar to Alzheimer's disease, in them, most likely, were caused by taking certain drugs that adversely affect cognitive function. Many older people take statins, sedatives, painkillers, beta blockers, and medications for insomnia.

Watch out for injuries

It is also important to protect your head from injury. After a strong blow to the head, it is necessary to lie down for some time without movement and rest, and, of course, be sure to consult a doctor.

Don't gain weight

Excess weight and metabolic syndrome are the worst enemies of our brain. Excess fat in the waist, high blood pressure and high blood sugar, as well as saturation of the body with "bad" cholesterol - all this is associated with impaired cognitive functions. Therefore, it is so important to eat right and maintain a healthy weight.

Get enough sleep

It is also important to get enough sleep. Sleep disorders lead to a significant deterioration in cognitive function - even at a young age.

Be more active

Exercise delivers oxygen to the brain, which nourishes and renews its cells.

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