How many calories do you need to eat per day to lose weight?

August 24, 2019  23:44

To successfully lose weight, you need to eat less calories than the body spends. But how to calculate the right amount of calories for a particular organism?

American scientists suggest using the following formula: a person’s weight must be multiplied by an activity coefficient, which is calculated as follows: 28 — moderate activity, 31 — average activity, and 33 — hyperactivity. It will turn out the amount from which it is necessary to subtract 15%.

It will turn out exactly that individual number of calories that you can eat for safe and successful weight loss.

Specialists conducted an experiment in which volunteers up to 50 years old participated. All of them had to eat as many calories during the day as they were “supposed to” according to the above formula. As a result, they managed to get rid of an average of seven kilograms of excess weight. In addition, their blood pressure returned to normal and their blood cholesterol decreased.

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