Scientists create perfect copy of tooth enamel

September 3, 2019  12:20

Scientists from Zhejiang University in Hangzhou (eastern China) have created a new material that can be safely called an ideal copy of tooth enamel: the material is almost identical in structure to the enamel of human teeth.

Stephen Chen wrote in an article in the South China Morning Post that this crystal-like mineral can grow on teeth. Thus, this material, consisting of clusters of calcium phosphate ions, can repair damaged tooth enamel: a few drops of a liquid solution can fix all invisible cracks in an aging tooth.

Studies have shown that new material can actually grow a thin layer of protective shell on the teeth. The mineral has a structure resembling a fish scale and has high mechanical strength - almost identical enamel on a human tooth. This substance can be used as an effective tool in clinical practice for the treatment of enamel erosion, which is the main cause of tooth decay.

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