Baby girl, 5, dies after contracting dangerous infection, which was thought to be common cold

September 5, 2019  11:51

Ava McFarlane, 5, died due to a dangerous infection, while doctors thought she had a common cold, Mirror reported.

Ava Macfarlane died of toxic shock caused by a bacterial infection on 15 December 2017.

However, before doctors allowed her to go home as they thought it was just cold.

Ava's mother, Lesley Gearing, said she Ava had been vomiting, struggling to breath and had a high temperature. Tests showed she also had a high heart rate.

She became worse overnight and was rushed back to hospital.

The girl was given fluid, but her condition did not change. Doctors decided to inject her into an artificial coma and give antibiotics. But the girl’s condition continued to deteriorate, and she died of sepsis caused by an infectious toxic shock.

"Ava decided she had had enough. Her heart just stopped," Miss Gearing said.

The case is under trial.

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