Why shouldn’t babies stay in car seat?

September 6, 2019  23:49

It is dangerous for newborn children to be in car seats for more than 30 minutes, said British sociologists, who conducted a study commissioned by Churchill Car Insurance.

If the baby stays in a car seat for a long time in a sleeping position, this can cause breathing problems. However, the survey showed that 75% of parents are unaware of this. They also do not know that during long trips by car every two hours it is necessary to stop and get out of the car for at least 15 minutes, not forgetting, of course, to give children the opportunity to relax from a trip on the street. And if the child is very small, the position of his body in the seat should be changed as often as possible.

The authors of the survey note that ignorance of the physiology of children is more characteristic of parents over 35 than young, which at first glance seems paradoxical. This, however, can be explained by the fact that today young people have wide access to the Internet and actively use the information published there on the health of children, while middle-aged and older people pay less attention to it.

Experts strongly recommend in the first weeks of a child’s life not to travel with them on a car for move that 30 minutes. If you can’t avoid it, then an adult should sit in the back seat and monitor the condition of the baby and periodically change the position of baby’s body. This will help to avoid problems and make the trip as safe as possible.

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