Chewing gum may help recover faster after surgery

September 9, 2019  13:12

Chewing gum can help recover faster after abdominal surgery, scientists from Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital found.

They have conducted a study in 34 patients who underwent surgery to remove part of the colon.

Chewing gum, according to scientists, accelerates the restoration of bowel function and shortens the postoperative period. The fact is that when performing any abdominal operations, intestinal motility is disturbed, it loses its previous activity, and sometimes it stops altogether. The risk of infection also increases.

Half of the patients chewed sugarless gum three times a day after surgeries. When summing up the results, it turned out that those participants who chewed gum quickly restored bowel function, while normal stool appeared earlier.

Also, those who chewed gum spent less time in the hospital after surgery. If the average hospital stay for such patients was 6-8 days, and it was reduced to 3-4 days for participants chewing gum.

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