Scientists say calorie counting really helps lose weight

September 10, 2019  17:37

Calorie counting really helps to lose weight, especially if you set calorie limits for each dish, and not the calorie content of the entire diet per day, said scientists at Warwick Business School.

According to a new study, the calorie restriction for each meal allows you to eat less than with the total calorie limit, Journal of Consumer Research reported. Scientists offer people who want to lose weight to make a kind of budget for calories, and for every day.

Observations have shown that people who do this consume an average of 1,528 calories per day, and those who monitor not every dish, but the number of calories per day, in the end eat about 2011 calories.

Both group’s participants absorbed fewer calories than in the control group, where no restrictions were imposed. However, it was the first approach that gave the most impressive results, which is why scientists consider it the most promising.

At the same time, they believe that it will work not only in terms of nutrition, but also in relation to how many people smoke cigarettes every day, and how much they drink. This will also reduce the amount of harmful products and eventually lead to the final rejection of them.

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