Teen’s memory resets every two hours

September 13, 2019  16:15

Riley Horner, 16, from the American city of Monmouth, Illinois, suffered a brain injury and lost her long-term memory. A teenager wakes up every morning thinking it is 11 June as her memory “resets” every two hours after she was kicked in the head, Independent reported

“The former athlete and student, from Illinois, in the US, now has to keep detailed notes and photos with her at all times, and has a two-hour timer set on her phone,” the source noted.

“I have a calendar on my door and I look and it’s September and I’m like ‘woah’,” she told WQAD 8 news channel. “People just don’t understand, it’s like a movie,” she added. “Like I will have no recollection of [this interview] come supper time. My brother passed away last week and she probably has no idea. We tell her every day but she has no idea about it. They [doctors] told us that she might just be like this forever and I am not OK with that,” she said.

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