Specialist names most dangerous combination of drugs and products

September 23, 2019  17:15

Some foods and medicines are dangerous to combine, said member of Russian Scientific Medical Society of Physicians, Clinical Pharmacologist at the Federal Center for Cerebrovascular Pathology and Stroke of the Ministry of Health Andrei Kondrakhin

If you are taking aspirin or ibuprofen, you are advised to give up raspberries because this berry contains natural salicylic acid: a combination of raspberries and aspirin can increase the risk of internal bleeding.

Grapefruit juice is not recommended to be combined with drugs that lower cholesterol: even deaths have been recorded due to this combination. It is also not worth using this juice with other drugs - it causes inhibition of the enzyme responsible for the breakdown of the active substance of the drug, as a result of which harmful substances begin to accumulate in the body, gradually poisoning the patient.

It is also recommended to exclude milk at the time of taking the medicine: it contains a large amount of calcium, which, when interacting with the medicine, can form an insoluble precipitate in the form of salts, decreasing the amount of the active substance of the drug that enters the body. It is especially important to remember that milk and antibiotics are incompatible.

When taking blood-thinning medications (warfarin), spinach, broccoli, and salad are not recommended. And viburnum, aronia, strawberries and beets can significantly enhance the effect of lowering blood pressure drugs.

It should also be remembered that cheese when taking psychotropic drugs can cause hypertensive crises and cramps.

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