Young woman, 25, who has never consumed fruits and vegetables can go blind

September 25, 2019  16:23

Jade Youngman, 25, from Norwich, Norfolk, UK, may go blind because she hasn’t eaten fruits and vegetables for years, The Sun reported.

She finds eating fruit and vegetables as bad as feasting on "a plate of dog poo”.

"The way I describe how I feel is that if someone puts a plate of fruit or vegetables in front of me, it’s the equivalent of putting a plate of dog poo down and saying, 'Eat that’,” she said. “It will make me vomit if I eat it. It will make me wretch and gag to have it in front of me. It’s like a physical reaction. If I put it to my mouth with my left hand, my right hand will pull my left hand away before it gets there. I know that it won’t kill me if I eat it and I know that it will probably taste nice, but I can’t get it in my mouth. I have tried to push through it but I can’t."

Due to the limited diet, the girl’s body does not receive the necessary nutrients - vitamins and minerals, as a result of which she may face optical neuropathy - damage to the optic nerve, leading to loss of vision.

Similar cases have already been reported: in October 2018, 18-year-old Harvey Dyer from Gloucester, who suffered from the same selective eating disorder and ate exclusively chips and chocolate, was blinded in one eye.

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