Woman loses weight thanks to eating pizza and pasta

September 25, 2019  18:30

Samantha Frigo from UK lost 32 kilograms, although she continued to eat pizza and pasta, The Sun reported

Samantha worked as a manager in a pub and, since the food was free for her, she had lunch and dinner at work - mostly fast food. She then practically did not drink water, and did not eat vegetables and fruits. As a result, her weight increased to 92 kilograms.

She was constantly in a bad mood and felt tired, even if she slept a lot.

Once Samantha realized that something needs to be changed. She changed her diet and chose a diet that allowed her to eat pizza and pasta almost daily, but at the same time fit into a certain calorie limit.

And in just nine months, she has become the happiest and healthiest version of herself - after shedding five stone.

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