Woman suddenly falls in love with baking after kidney transplant

September 27, 2019  22:31

Stephanie Morse, 37, from the British city of Cwmbran, County Monmouthshire, Wales suddenly fell in love with cooking pastries after a kidney transplant, The Sun reported

Stephanie was very fond of cakes baked by her mother, but had no desire to cook. However, immediately after a relative’s kidney was transplanted, a woman aroused a passion for baking.

According to Stephanie, as soon as she woke up, she urgently wanted to bake something. Of course, at first she needed to be discharged from the hospital, and before that, she thought that it would be the stove.

“Immediately after surgery and for weeks after, all I wanted to do was make cakes. I would draw how they’d look and write lists of flavours to create. As soon as I got home I got the ingredients to make a cheesecake. I was obsessed,” she said.

As soon as Stephanie was discharged from the hospital, she bought everything she needed and baked a raspberry cheesecake.

Stephanie, 62, was very happy that her daughter suddenly shared her passion. Now they often cook a variety of desserts together.

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