Laboratory of clinic in Armenian village reequipped due to donation of Armenian woman from US (PHOTOS)

September 30, 2019  18:10

Until recently, it was not possible to conduct studies of thyroid hormones and infections in the medical center of the village of Myasnikyan in the Armenian Armavir Province and now the laboratory has been reequipped.

This was done in the framework of the fifth Armenian Medical Mission, thanks to the donation of our compatriot from the US Michelle Tutelian.

She told Medicine that she was born and raised in the US, but her grandfather and grandmother were from Western Armenia: during the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire, they had to flee to the US.

According to her, for the first time she came to Armenia in 2014; then she and her sons traveled around the country and was surprised at how native Armenia seemed to her.

“When I first came here, I felt a kind of connection with Armenia, and this connection was much stronger than I expected. Here I felt at home - even more than I could have imagined,” she said.

The food in Armenia, she said, was so familiar: her grandmother was preparing something very similar for her. And her grandmother had a courtyard, where they grew fruits and vegetables: in Armenia, she saw very similar courtyards.

After this trip, the woman decided to help Armenia and its inhabitants. Since she did not have a medical education, she could not join the group of doctors who came here as part of a charity mission. Then she decided to help financially and donated over $ 12,000 to the mission. And also decided this year to come along with the mission in order to understand on the spot what else it could be useful for.

The opening of the laboratory in the medical center of the village of Myasnikyan was a surprise for her: talking with the Medicine correspondent before the opening of the laboratory, she said that she had no idea what the money she donated was spent on.

“If we are able to change something, help someone, we must try to do it,” she noted.

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